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Robots.txt Generator Tool - اداة التحقق من ملف الربوت

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 هى اداة مجانية من موقع النصر التقنى تمكن اى صاحب موقع او دومين او مدونة من التحقق من ملف الربوت الخاص بالموقع وصلاحيته ( Robots.txt Generator Tool - اداة التحقق من ملف الربوت ).

 Robots.txt Generator Tool:

 Robots.txt is a file to instruct search engines and visitors that certain pages should be excluded from search engine crawling. This file is used to instruct search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask not to index specific pages. Robots.txt is an application for the automatic submission of a sitemap in a list of web URLs. A robots.txt file lists the URLs of web pages that are not to be indexed by search engines. A website’s robots.txt file is an important part of a website’s structure. It is a small text file in which a website owner instructs a web crawler or a browser to not index or download certain files on their site. It is an important file as it can be the first line of defense in protecting your website from being indexed or downloaded by web crawlers. Robots.txt can be used to hide files that you don’t want to be indexed by search engines. With a robots.txt file you can tell robots which files you want to be indexed. You can use your robots.txt file to restrict the indexing of a specific page, directory, or folder in your website to search engines.